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Service Description:


Service Overview:

For defects in Systems* covered under your warranty as defined at the time of purchase, World Lasers offer telephone troubleshooting with mail-out repair parts or mail-in laser system repairs. For those customers who purchase the service contract, World Lasers On-Site Service places a service technician at the Customer's location after completion of telephone-based troubleshooting, subject to parts availability (the "Service" or "Services") as described in this document (the "Service Description"). World Lasers is pleased to provide the Services described in this Service Description based on the service type purchased by Customer for the service term indicated on Customer's invoice (the "Service Type").

This Laser System On-Site Service Description covers the following Service Types:

      8-Hour Service


"System" means World Lasers-branded laser system that is sold as new, purchased in the United States, and which is in a standard configuration at the time of purchase. The type of System covered by this Service Description is specified on Customer's World Lasers invoice. In addition, certain non-World Lasers branded third party hardware included with World Lasers systems may be covered if so indicated on customers invoice. Excluded from "System" are software, and any additional items.

**The Principal Period of Maintenance ("PPM") is Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., excluding regular holidays, including, but not limited to, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, and the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day ("Regular Holidays").

8/5 Comprehensive On-Line Support

World Lasers provide multiple methods of contacting us and/or attaining assistance. Through accessing customers can leverage our on-line tools, Customer Service chat and email prior to calling for assistance. World Lasers provide on-line assistance, including trouble shooting information, problem diagnosis tools and downloads.

Customer's Responsibilities:

1. Requesting Service:
     Provide the following information to the World Lasers Technician when requesting this Service:
          a. the System's invoice and serial numbers;
          b. service tag number;
          c. System type and model numbers;
          d. the current version of the operating system on the affected system and;
          e. the brand names and models of any peripheral devices (such as a modem) attached to the     system;
          f. what tasks or functions were being processed or implemented when the error occurred and;
          g. What steps if any were taken to solve the problem.

    Listen attentively to the technician and follow instructions.

2. Provide appropriate access to buildings, security escorts and access to parking facility (at no charge) during the performance of the Service.

Support Procedures:

Telephone Laser System Warranty Support

If Customer has a problem with a World Lasers System covered by warranty and cannot resolve it using World Lasers on-line support, then Customer should contact World Lasers laser system warranty support for problem diagnosis. This telephone support allows World Lasers to assess the problem and to determine with each Customer how to resolve this problem. Telephone support is provided during business hours daily, excluding Regular Holidays** for the term specified on Customer's invoice.

Call For Assistance

For service support Customer should call: 800-648-5164

Service Dispatch

Subject to Customer's compliance with these Support Procedures World Lasers will, in most cases, dispatch a service technician following the completion of phone-based troubleshooting to arrive at Customer's location in accordance with the following response times based on Customer's Service Type:

Next-Business-Day/Next-Business-Day Replacement Service: On the next business day during the PPM**. If the service technician is dispatched for on-site service after 5:00 p.m. local time, the service technician may take an additional business day to arrive at Customer's location.

8-Hour Service: Within eight hours after dispatch, eight (8)) hours a day, five days a week (excluding Regular Holidays**) if Customer's service location is between 126-200 miles from the nearest parts stocking location.

Mail-In Procedures

If the technician is unable to resolve the problem over the phone and determines that Mail-In or Ship Back Service is advisable in lieu of on-site service, World Lasers will only accept Systems that are returned using the following standard procedures and shipping instructions:

Software/Data Backup: Customer understands and agrees that World Lasers is not responsible for any loss of software or data. Customer should back up the software and data on Customer's System's hard disk drive and on any other storage device(s) in the System. In addition, Customer should remove any confidential or proprietary information.

Display the Return Authorization Number: The World Lasers Technician will provide Customer with an authorization number. Customer must print the authorization number clearly and conspicuously on the outside of the prepaid packaging. World Lasers will refuse to service, and will return to Customer, any System that does not clearly and conspicuously display the authorization number on the packaging.

Explain the Problem in Writing: Customer must enclose a brief description of the problem encountered, the error message received, and the suspected defect Customer discussed with the technician over the phone.

Shipping: Following the problem diagnosis, if Customer's call is during World Lasers carrier's regular business hours, the technician will transfer Customer to World Lasers designated freight carrier, explain the situation to the carrier and turn any further shipping actions over to the carrier. If Customer's call is outside of World Lasers carrier's regular business hours, World Lasers will provide Customer with information to contact World Lasers carrier during their regular business hours. Customer and the carrier will make the shipping arrangements. The System must be shipped in the World Lasers provided packaging to the address given to Customer by the technician.

Package the System: World Lasers will provide packaging through World Lasers freight carrier. Customer will be responsible for ensuring that the System is properly packaged and Customer will bear the full risk of loss or damage for any System that is returned improperly packaged.

Other Shipping Precautions: Customer should not send its manuals or any non-World Lasers supplied options with the System. Prior to shipping, Customer must remove the options and components from its System as instructed by the technician.

Whole Unit Replacement

If the telephone technician determines that the component of the defective System is one that is easily disconnected and reconnected, such as a keyboard or monitor, or if the technician determines that the System is one that should be replaced as a whole unit, World Lasers reserves the right to send Customer a whole replacement unit. If a service technician delivers the replacement unit to Customer, Customer must relinquish the defective System or component thereof to the service technician. If Customer does not relinquish the defective unit to the service technician as required above, or if (in the event the replacement unit was not delivered in person by a service technician) the defective unit is not returned to World Lasers within ten (10) calendar days, Customer agrees to pay World Lasers for the replacement unit upon receipt of invoice. If Customer fails to pay such invoice within ten (10) days after receipt, in addition to any other legal rights and remedies available to World Lasers, World Lasers may terminate this Service Description upon notice.

Parts Ownership

All service parts removed from Customer's System become the property of World Lasers. Customer must pay World Lasers at the current retail price(s) for any service parts removed from the System and retained by Customer. World Lasers use new and reconditioned parts made by various manufacturers in performing warranty repairs.

Parts Stocked

World Lasers currently stocks parts in multiple locations within the US. If a part that is needed to repair Customer's System is not available from a World Lasers facility near Customer's location and must be transferred from another facility, it will be shipped using overnight delivery at no additional cost to Customer. Spare parts provided under this Service Description may be new, used or reconditioned.

Important Additional Information:

Renewal and Cancellation

Prior to the expiration of the Service term, Customer may upgrade its Service Type or extend the term based on available options then in effect in accordance with World Lasers then-current procedures. Any upgrades will not apply to conditions existing with the System prior to the effective date of the upgrade. Customer may terminate this Service Description by providing World Lasers with at least thirty (30) calendar days written notice of Customer's decision to terminate, however, if more than thirty (30) calendar days have transpired for the current service year, World Lasers will not issue a refund for that service year.

Transfer of Service Description

Subject to the limitations set forth in this Service Description, Customer may transfer this Service Description to a third party who buys Customer's entire System before the expiration of the then-current service term, provided Customer is the original purchaser of the System and this Service Description, or Customer purchased the System and this Service Description from its original owner (or a previous transferee) and complied with all the transfer rules set forth in this Service Description. A transfer fee may apply.

Telephone World Lasers for an ownership transfer:
Call (800) 648-5164 or 484-359-8906
Geographic Limitations

The Services described herein will only be available to original purchasers of the System located within the United States as determined by World Lasers, and to any person who receives this Service Description through a transfer from the original buyer in accordance with World Lasers transfer procedures.

The Services may not be available in all locations, and additional charges, terms, and conditions may apply in certain locations. If Customer elects not to pay such additional charge, World Lasers may change Customer's Service Type to a Service Type that is available at such price or a lesser price in such new location with no refund available.

Terms and Conditions


World Lasers is pleased to provide the services in accordance with this Service Description and the terms and conditions of the World Lasers Services Agreement at, or Customer's separate signed agreement with World Lasers, as applicable.

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