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Industrial Laser Machines

Industrial laser machinery from World Lasers, Inc. – serves a variety of purposes. Read the descriptions below, and select the laser use that meets your needs. Our commercial laser-router machines also serve industrial needs.

Standard Laser Cutting Machines

Industrial laser cutting/marking systems from World Lasers, Inc. - for both rolled and flat goods - can be used to laser-cut and -mark rolled goods, including but not limited to: textile, woven, non-woven, fabric, plastic film, gasket material, filter material and rigid material that is non-metal.

Industrial-grade laser machinery is available in continuous conveyor feed, shuttle feed and modular flat-bed with add-on conveyor or shuttle.

CO2 Laser Custom Built Laser Machines

World Lasers, Inc. is ready to provide you with any services that you require in order to develop and deliver a laser processing machine that meets your needs. World Lasers has full-service capability, including pre-machine sale services such as prototype laser cutting services, return-on-investment analysis with professional documentation that you can present to your company, short-production run laser processing and laser machinery prototype construction and testing, and specification composition.

Laser Cleaning Laser-Powered Cleaning Machines

World Lasers offer innovative laser ablation technology for industrial surface treatment, cleaning, paint removal and cutting applications. Our laser technology removes contaminants, production residue and coatings without damaging the substrate. The laser cleaning systems combine power and versatility with the lowest operating cost of all industrial cleaning methods.

Laser-Powered Marking Machines

The laser marker performs non-contact marking and engraving of steels, carbide, ceramics, plastics, glass, aluminum, black oxided steels, wood and more.

Laser Cutting Cardboard Laser Services

Laser processing materials on contract basis.

World Lasers offers a different perspective on cutting, bringing value to you by designing outstanding cutting quality, capability and speed for lower costs. You state your needs, we create the answers.


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