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LaserReady™ CNC Software and Services



LaserReady software can provide you with artistic CAM software that enables you to perform many CAD/CAM software functions easily and quickly, practically out of the box. Please note that this software is available for both the CNC router and CNC laser.


This CAD/CAM CNC software can be combined with 3D scanning. And while 3D scanning requires a 3D laser scanner (available as an option for the tables), 3D scanning is an investment that enables your design software process to go quicker and more efficiently. 3D laser scanning is an investment for those that can benefit from this high technology.


Training is most important when considering your purchase of a laser machine. Depending on the type and frequency of your applications, World Lasers can provide specific or general CAD/CAM training.


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Designing & Marking Software
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Cleaning, Training & Maintenance

Ready software can provide you with boundless artistic computer-assisted design and manufacturing capabilities  that will enable you to perform many CAD-CAM software functions. These design software capabilities are described below and on subsequent pages.


Keep in mind that this software is available for our unique LaserReady laser-router production centers that utilize the special capabilities of the CNC router and the CNC laser. This CAD-CAM software can be combined with 3D scanning, which requires a 3D laser scanner that is available as an option with the system. 3D scanning is an investment that will be returned many times over as it enables your design software process to generate more throughput efficiently and economically . 3D laser scanning is a sound investment for those that can benefit from this technology.

CAD/CAM Training

Training is an important consideration when making a laser machine purchase, especially if it is your first.

 Application-specific CAD-CAM training is available for all our machines. We have found that many of our users repetitively use specific CAM software functions with specific applications, and as a result, we can focus your training on those CAD-CAM capabilities functions that are specific to your laser application. Conversely, if you have a wide variety of CAD-CAM applications, we can provide general training that will enable you to be proficient in a number of areas.. 

. . . and it includes an extensive library of CNC software. 

¡ Design on your computer, convert pictures for one package

¡ Vectorize and edit scanned pictures:

¡ Easy to learn, easy to use  

Design and mark vectors and one package

Whether you’re drawing, drafting, or adding text, LaserReady software enables you to create and edit 2D elements and immediately send them to the laser.

Edit traced images or create precise geometric figures, and use the simple sketching function to draw or digitize, using your mouse. 

Handling text is as easy as using Microsoft Word. You can use TrueType fonts as well as over 170 GraphicTech fonts.  

The CNC software provides powerful type setting capabilities that let you set parameters, such as font size, laser alignment, positioning, rotation angles and directions. You can also type text along a certain contour or on an ellipse. 

Vectorize and edit scanned pictures

Scan and convert the scanned images into vector images (raster-to-vector) or convert any picture into clip-art vectors that are laser-ready. 

Image tracing is controlled by a set of easy-to-use parameters, generating outlines and centerlines, with special tools provided for the optimization of color tracing and separation. 

Edit control points, clean and re-touch artwork with user-friendly tools, filter lines or curves, reduce the amount of points, and filter short chains.  

·         Vector marking

·         Text marking

·         8-bit grayscale bitmap marking

·         Full control over laser parameters for every object

·         Layer management

·         Serial number “wizard”

·         Creation and editing of lines, arcs, and frames

·         High-precision digitizing

·         Built-in font editor

·         Full support of transformations

·         Nesting

·         Mathematical curve generation

·         Graphical text editor, with full text attribute control

·         Generation of dialers and rulers

·         Stack and magazine for automatic signs

·         TrueType ® font support

·         Data interface — DXF, IGES, EPS, and HPGL

·         Multi-lingual support • Twain-supported scanning

·         Color, gray scale, and black and white raster to vector conversion

·         Full vector and control point editor

·         Color filters




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