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LaserReady Commercial CNC laser-cutting and laser-engraving systems are the right answer when working with sheet material up to 4’ x 8’ and larger. Not only can they laser-cut an endless array of materials but also can laser-engrave placing them as largest-sized among all laser engraving equipments available today.


The machine's bed-sized broadness enable people to line up large number of materials for laser cutting. This is a true CNC laser which can take CNC machine commands .And it is also a laser-engraving (or etching machine) which can perform quality 3-D laser-engraving jobs. And a laser-marking device too, which makes it easy to understand how this breakthrough product will be more than an addition to your business; it will also be a valuable addition to your profits!


 Commercial CNC laser cutting and CNC laser engraving systems from World Lasers, Inc. - for sheet material up to a large size. The robust laser machine can hold sizes up to four foot by eight foot and greater. These World Lasers laser cutting machines can laser cut wood, be used as an acrylic cutting laser, and laser cut many additional materials. This system can also laser engrave materials, making it one of the largest sized of all laser engraving equipment that is sold today. This system is a true CNC laser, able to take CNC machine commands.


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Output Power Laser Choices 

It’s a Laser 

Add new capabilities with a laser tool.
Faster processing speeds, higher resolution and exceptional accuracy.
Affordable, reliable and simple to use.
The large work area you want for your laser, yet with a small footprint.


COMPLEMENT IT with a range of simple-to use, reliable and inexpensive CO 2 lasers:  

Output powers from 20 to 400W* .
A legacy of operating lifetimes in excess of 45,000 hours
A choice of rise times, beam quality and compact design.
Each package includes an air-cooled laser and power supply.

* Higher power lasers available


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